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HK Camera Rental Help Center

  • So what is a normal rental procedure like?
    Here is in general what would happen if you want to rent from HK Camera Rental: You sending HK Camera Rental request of rental equipment, by email, or whatsapp, or even by phone(+852 34605348). Letting us also know the date you need the equipment. Confirm the availability with us and pay the rental fee for confirmation. Provide the identity proof, make the deposit, before picking up the equipment. We will check for all equipment to make sure that they are in good condition before providing them to you. For rental orders which needs also delivery, we will deliver the equipment as requested on location. [Delivery fee quoted separately. You or your representative will check all the equipment before confirming the order. After using it, you should return them to our office, or arrange pick up from us . All equipment will be checked. Deposit will be refund upon all equipment are returned in good condition.
  • What do I need to rent from HK Camera Rental?
    We will need the following before we will let our equipment going out of our office: Deposit. Personal and/or Company identification document(s). [i.e. HKID, Passport, Business Registration, etc] We know that there are cases that the deposit is so high that it is very difficult to arrange. And in those cases, we would recommend 2 other things: Hiring a reasonable number of production assistants to go with the equipment. Giving us proof of insurance for the equipment and 3rd person liability on set. [ We do have connections with insurance broker who could help arranging that for your production. let us know if you need help, as always.]
  • Why HK Camera Rental?
    HK Camera Rental is an equipment rental and production support company run by a group of active partitioners in the industry. That involves directors, photographers, cinematographers, gaffers, production assistants, producers, etc. We understand the needs and stresses production crews are facing and we will try our best to help solving their problem as they were ours. So, no matter if you are just renting equipment or looking for help, particularly in Hong Kong and southern China, HK Camera Rental is one of the best resources you could find.
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