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Key Features

  • 48", Reflective Silver Interior
  • Removable Front Face and Inner Baffle
  • Requires Speed Ring
  • Accepts Fabric Grids
  • Maximum Power: 2400Ws Strobe


The Profoto RFi Octa Softbox is a light-shaping tool with a 4' diameter ideally suited to groups, portraiture, fashion shoots, or any work that requires the unique wraparound qualities of an 8-sided light source. The RFi softboxes are compatible with more than 20 different flash brands through a wide range of separately-purchased adapters.

High-quality fabric plus reinforced seams, edges, and corners guarantee a long lifetime

Color-coded and touch-fastening attachments result in hassle-free assembly and disassembly. Its size makes it a good choice for on location shooting and other work that benefits from a lightweight and compact form factor

Soft grid is available as an optional accessory

Use as a reflector by removing diffusers

Profoto 4" octa with speed ring


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