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Key Features

  • Bag-Ready or Camera-Mount for Interviews
  • DUO-RX True-Diversity 2-Channel Receiver
  • 2 x BP-TRX Transceivers with Timecode
  • 2 x Waterproof Omni Lavalier Microphones
  • Transmitters Record Simultaneous Backup
  • Remote Control 24-Bit / 48 kHz Recording
  • OLED Screens, Limiters, RF Adjustment
  • Includes Accessories & Waterproof Case
  • 10-Hour Battery Recharges in 1 Hour
  • Expands up to 4 Mics at Once/328' Range


The Deity Microphones Connect Deluxe Kit combines the DUO-RX dual-channel receiver, a pair of BP-TRX transmitter/receivers, and two waterproof lavalier mics to offer a 2.4 GHz digital wireless system ready to deliver broadcast-quality sound for your next two-person interview or narrative shoot. The versatile, professional-level feature set includes timecode capabilities, analog input limiting, remote transmitter control from the receiver, and backup recording, so you'll never have to worry about losing critical audio due to RF wireless interference.

The Connect Deluxe Kit empowers you with the advanced technology, rugged durability, and extensive customization requisite for dependable, high-grade results. To ensure a strong and solid audio link, crucial for reliable results, the Deity Connect Deluxe uses a bidirectional transceiver system with adaptive frequency hopping, "Listen-Before-Talk" stream repair, and encrypted, uncompressed digital signal integrity.

The DUO-RX receiver sports four antennas—two internal dipole horizontal antennas, and two external elbow antennas—to allow versatile positioning and deliver uninterrupted signal reception. Through its OLED screen and straightforward buttons, the receiver provides comprehensive remote control of each transmitter; no more walking over to your subject to adjust transmitter settings. There are two gain-adjustable 3.5mm TRS outputs, which can be utilized in any of the three output modes—XLR mode sends a separate audio channel as a balanced signal to each output jack, DSLR mode mixes both audio channels to one output and turns the other jack into a headphone output, while Stereo mode routes a stereo feed from each transmitter to separate outputs.

The two versatile BP-TRX units can function as transmitters, receivers, or recorders and offer timecode input and output for audio/video sync (the DUO-RX does not offer timecode support). For 2-person shoots, plug the included waterproof lavalier microphones into the locking 3.5mm inputs and pair the units as transmitters with the DUO-RX receiver to record hands-free interviews and presentations to an external device.

The BP-TRX units can record backup audio while transmitting, or in situations where wireless operation is impractical, at a 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution to a microSD card (available separately) with a maximum capacity up to 128GB. The DUO-RX is bag suitable or can be camera mounted. A coiled camera connection cable is supplied.

Because the BP-TRX units are two-way transmitter/receivers, you can use the pair (without the DUO-RX) as a compact, camera-mountable wireless system for single-person shoots—with timecode sync via their locking 3.5mm input and output jacks. The input jacks conform to the Sennheiser-standard pin configuration and can be set to accept a mono mic signal or a stereo line-level source for camera hopping. Input gain is adjustable from -12 to +36 dB, while the Guard Rail Analog Limiter helps keep the signal from clipping and distorting if the source gets too loud—letting you place the recorder in the talent's pocket without worrying about sudden level changes.

The belt clip on the BP-TRX can be removed to reveal the 1/4"-20 thread for camera mounting; simply connect the included coiled cable and you're ready to record. A cable to simultaneously record both audio and timecode to external devices is also included.

In addition to having a similar OLED screen and user-friendly menu navigation as the DUO-RX, the BP-TRX transceivers offer thorough controls to ensure signal quality. Automatic or manual RF power adjustment, low-cut filters, and a high-frequency boost option allow you to ensure clean transmission, reduce rumble, and enhance clarity. What's more, when used as transmitters, settings and parameters on the BP-TRX can be controlled remotely via the DUO-RX or a BP-TRX in receiver mode. You can even engage the transmitters' onboard recording functions from the receiver during transmission without stopping a take.

The DUO-RX receiver boasts 10 hours of operating time at 100mW (more time at lower mW settings) via an internal lithium battery, which recharges in about an hour via a USB Type-C connection. The rechargeable batteries in the BP-TRX transmitters will provide power for 12 hours in transmitter/receiver mode, 21 hours in record mode, and 25 hours in timecode mode. A variety of accessories, including windscreens and lapel clips for the mics, a cold shoe for camera mounting, cables, and a waterproof case are supplied.

Deity Connect Wireless system


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