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PMI GEAR Smoke GENIE Theatrical FogGenerator (Professional Package)

SmokeGENIE is a wireless handheld battery powered smoke effector that delivers fog, haze and dry ice effects in the palm of your hand without compromising power. The handheld device is capable of producing a variety of smoke variations, including dense fog, atmospheric haze, liquid smoke like dry ice, vapor-like jet pulses, stationery clouds, and more. SmokeGENIE has appeared in movies, music videos, TV commercials, and more. With 25 power modes and a sleek, rugged design, the SmokeGENIE can handle the toughest work environments.

The small and compact size of the SmokeGENIE allows placement in the smallest and most compact places on set. The built-in remote control enables hands-free operation while still enabling great special effects. The SmokeGENIE is also ideal for portraits, miniatures and food photography, and comes with a special precision nozzle that you can use to accurately apply smoke in tight spaces.

SmokeGENIE Professional Kit includes 1x SmokeGENIE Device, 1x Wireless Remote Control, 1x 30cm Silicone Tube, 2x Atomizing Smoke Chamber, 1x 60ml Cloud Formula Fluid, 1x Cinematic Haze Fan Adapter, 4x Smoke-Shaping Nozzles, 1x Liquid Smoke Nozzle, 1x USB- C Charging Cable, 1x 1/4″ Mounting Adapter and 1x Protective Hard Case. This pack requires 3x 18650 Li-Ion Batteries (2x for SmokeGENIE, 1x for Haze Adapter) and 1x 23A, 12V Battery (for Remote Control). Batteries are not included with purchase and must be ordered separately.

Smoke Genie Professional Kit


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