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Designed to enable the photographer to put very small amounts of light emitted from optional Elinchrom flash heads in very precise positions. The Fiber Lite Kit is comprised of a mounting cap (which takes up to three fiber optic ropes) a simple-to-use support system and many light altering attachments. The glass fiber ropes are 20" (51cm) long and offer very efficient light transmission.

Compatible with all Elinchrom Style, Compact, A, S and X heads, there are many applications for the Fiber Lite Kit.

The light can be colored, diffused, focused or reduced in power.

The stand will hold the ropes precisely in whatever position is required.

To alter the light output there are snoots, lenses and a tiny gel cutter.

Apart from the obvious ones of jewelry and other small objects it can also be used to put light into liquids.

The set is supplied in a carrying case complete with all accessories.

Elinchrom Fibre Optic


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