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Key Features

  • Four-Way Geared Control
  • 13 lb Capacity at Maximum Extension
  • 66 lb Capacity at Minimum Extension
  • Junior and Baby Locking Receptors
  • Saddlebag-Style Counterweight Bag


The Manfrotto 425B Mega Boom is the largest boom in the Manfrotto line. Movements, including pan, tilt, rotation, and the telescopic extension of the boom arm, are controlled by smooth-operating geared crank handles. This two-section Mega Boom has a 12' maximum extension. It features a maximum payload of 13.23 lb at maximum extension and 66.14 lb at minimum extension. It has dual receptors, Junior (1 1/8") and Baby (5/8"). An empty counterweight bag is included.

A geared tilt system allows precise settings of +30 to -40°

The boom supports up to 13.23 lb at full extension, and up to 66.14 lb at minimum extension

To assure maximum safety, the Mega Boom comes complete with a specially designed counterbalancing sandbag that can be filled with sand or shot to hold up to 77 lb

Black zinc steel and black anodized aluminum construction

Megaboom with stand


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