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Profoto Pro-11 HKD1300/day


Key Features

  • 2400Ws from 2 Outlets, 11 Stop Range

  • Smartphone Connectivity, HSS

  • Smartphone Wireless Control and Updates

  • Optional Nikon, Canon, Sony Fuji Remotes


With the introduction of the Pro-11, Profoto satisfies the need for speed while continuing on a technical roll by giving Pros some exciting, advanced features. Yes, the two-outlet 2400Ws pack recycles in 0.02 to 0.7 seconds, is capable of quick bursts up to 50 flashes per second, and has a super-short minimum flash power of 1/80,000 second for the ultimate in action-stopping whether your subject is dance, fashion, or splash shots. The power range boasts 11 stops (2.4-2400Ws) and selectability in full or 1/10 stop increments on its high-resolution display.

Profoto Pro-10 HKD1350/day


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