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Key Features

  • 26.4 lb Load Capacity
  • 75mm Ball for Quick Leveling
  • 15-Step + 0 Counterbalance Adjustment
  • Discrete Pan/Tilt Adjustment 7-Step + 0
  • Innovative Illuminated Bubble Level


Fast to work with and lightweight at only 5.72 lb, the Sachtler FSB 8 MK II Fluid Head with Sideload Mechanism supports up to 26.4 lb of camera and accessories, and with its 15-steps of counterbalance adjustment, you can tune the head to work with the lightest of cameras. The head features a 75mm ball for quick leveling, and the independent drag adjustment and tilt locks permit you to adjust and move the head with precision to tune it to match the needs of your shot.

The head allows you to tilt forward so you can tilt straight down and tilt almost straight up as well. Pan and tilt have seven independent drag settings, plus a zero setting for no drag at all. Borrowing from the aktiv system, the bubble level has been improved, not only is it illuminated, but now you can see the bubble level from the side, as well as when looking down on the head, for intuitive leveling from almost any position.

15-Step Counterbalance

The 15-step counterbalance settings let you adjust the head to neutralize the weight of cameras up to 26.4 lb, so the head remains in the p